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Suet Feeder Cup for Bird Buddy

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This Bird Buddy Suet Feeder Cup provides your garden birds with a convenient and easy way to access suet. Its open top, easy fill design makes it great for use with the suet treat of your choice, with easy mounting onto the original Bird Buddy perch, our Integrated Perch, or Accessory Extenders. Delight in offering a nutritious snack, full of fats, carbohydrates, and essential nutrients.

Our cup can accommodate suet balls or cut your suet cakes into smaller pieces and place into cup! 

Measures 3" high by 2.75"
Screw bolt included

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Holly Caulfield
Bird Buddy compatible suet feeder

Great product, good quality. The perfect size for holding the suet balls.

Very large

I like the larger size suet cup as it accommodates the suet balls better. It is a bit bulky though. I had to remove my perch extension and add an extender piece in order to give the birds enough space to perch and eat as I never received the screw bolt with the suet cup and the other screws were not long enough.

Jill Butterfield
I waited to review

At first, none of my birds seemed to go for this suet feeder (my first). But maybe they were just suspicious. Now, about 6 weeks later, they all love it, and so do I. It has a larger width than the Bird Buddy suet feeder, so it easily accommodates the large suet balls that are the norm now. Because it's also deep, my birds seems to really enjoy perching on the top, which makes for some cute photos! It is very sturdy. I have it on a short extension arm (also from this site) which allows me to keep it in BB camera view without taking up too much of the perch area. Highly recommend this holder (and everything else I've purchased from Strammade3D....extenders, refill helper (essential for my set up, and unique)

Keith from the UK
Suet Feeder Cup for Bird Buddy

An extremely sturdy, well made feeder cup. The only down side, as a UK customer, is the high postage price.


Love the solid, quality materials and design of the suet feeder cup. My previous suet holder from BirdBuddy lasted one encounter with a squirrel; it ripped the suet ball and holder from the perch leaving a ruined holder in the snow. I’ve switched to hot pepper suet and this twice as strong holder with metal screw built in.