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Tool Free Screws

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Our Tool Free Screws are the perfect solution for anyone looking for secure, hassle-free mounting and fastening. Their finger-twist design makes removing or swapping accessories quick and easy - no need to locate a screwdriver. Plus, you get added protection, with a secure fit that won't accidentally back out or come undone.

Short screws are perfect for single accessory attachments like our Double Perch

Long screws allow you to stack our accessories, such as the Double Perch with Fence Rails

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John Benson
Nicely made screws

These screws are nicely made, with filament where the screw head would be. This allows the screws to be finger tightened, without Phillips or blade screwdriver.

Michael Walsh
Tool free screws are great!

These screws make the assembly of BirdBuddy accessories fast and easy. Wonderful sellers - it's a pleasure to work with them.

Richard B.
Tool Free Screws . . .

Highly recommend -- easy to use (they really are tool free) and they're safer for birds (and human fingers) in very cold weather. They come in two lengths depending on your use case.

Marilyn Stokes
Tool Free Screws and Jelly Holder

Well made - very pleased with my purchase. The tool-free screws are a great way of adding the accessories, was able to stack my jelly holder and suet holder using the longer screw.

No hassle - no tool screws !

Love these no tool screws. Tried regular screws to install fence pieces but screwdriver was hard to handle as it kept hitting the roof !! Tool Free add ons ,
made easy work of this tàsk.